Real Estate had never been challenged before until its biggest competitor, technology, had taken most of the presentations by storm. While there are many different ways on how to entice a client with impact, learn how to create a real estate campaign design using the culprit itself, technology through:



While it had been a tradition for agents and sellers of properties alike to go on tripping with clients to showcase what the house looks like and how the neighbourhood actually feels, trends online had been emerging. Nowadays, properties come with written content that is more enticing and attractive since it stirs imagination from whoever reads it. As they contemplate on the visual of the house, the presentation is flowered with instrumental music that may tickle emotions. With how slow each of the slides surfaces from the screen one by one, it impresses a client with jaw-dropping sceneries, beautiful images and captivating moments that slowly build up the call for action it aims for… to hook them with a sale.



Where’s your phone? In your back pocket? In your bag? Or is at the palm of your hand right now? Bingo! You are one amongst a billion more than owns a subscription and half of the global population that has access to the internet. And if I’m right that you are holding onto your phone as you read this, you were engaged in social media one way or another in the past 5 minutes. That’s alright, no judgements. But it’s a communication device. When you are to make an impact. Influencers are there for brands because of one good reason. To connect. May it be through a community, a group or a fan club, being able to generate content from people who like your real estate campaign can design its own platform through generated content from experiences of these people. So be creative on how bloggers, influencers and freelancers would come to your campaign to help you make noise. Establish hashtags for them that would instantly make the entire spectators for real estate. #broker #realestate #bossrealtors — The potential of an online campaign with the real estate market with regards to long term or short term investment is limitless. So stay creative and don’t hesitate to step out of the boundaries. It’s all about the design after all.

Campaign day



There are a lot of TV shows that feature agents holding their iPads in which they represent their ideas for furniture, interior design, paint and décor of a room to a client. Find a program or an app, that regulates the properties’ perimeters to conform to their demands. This is always a great way to present your real estate campaign because these programs allow multiple facets to be imposed in just one blank room. Download reinforcement apps that could generate these and make sure you fill it up with necessary wallpaper, Pantone shades, fireplaces and different styles of landscapes. The list for clients’ preferences and specifications are endless so just back up your program with that. And you can actually add elements of a dog, music room or gym if allowed to balance out all the uptight design they may be and showcase more of a homey feel in the end. This is what most of us need anyway.



There are tons of movies and million shows that need different kinds of venues. One of them usually involves real estate properties. Collaborate with filmmakers, shooting scouts and PR personalities for your real estate to be featured at a minimal cost or perhaps through a B2B (business to business) collaboration or arrangement. They get to have a venue, you get to have the best exposure.