Timber is an indispensable material for interior decoration in today’s world of design. Whether it is used to lay the floor or wall of a living room or to make solid wood furniture, the texture and atmosphere presented by wood is always warming and connects us with nature. There are many wood materials available on the market, but the price difference between cheap pine and high-grade wood such as huanghuali can be significant.

Wood can be roughly divided into low price, medium price, and high price. The overall functionality considers style, woodworking technology, construction possibilities, formaldehyde content of the board, etc.

Wooden Interior


Like a treehouse, there can be roofs furnished with timber, and slabs of timber all around the walls connected to a metal framing. The wooden platform is installed on the metal frame similarly to modern wooden buildings, instead of using individual objects, built-in structures such as platforms, beds, and bedside tables can be used. One of the advantages of wood is that it allows you to create “one-piece” interiors with built-in wardrobes and seats, which are more complete in appearance. 


Having A Timber Staircase

The easiest way to give your interiors a new look is by adding a staircase made of timber, leading to the upper floor or balcony/terrace. 


Simple Timber Board As Floorings

For those who cannot choose between rustic and simple floorings, timber boards have the effect of both. Coated with some wooden floor polish and non-slip varnish, this will be a perfect little timer project.


Carving Decoration

Modern houses are built in a traditional Polish style inspired design. This includes wooden walls and floors, and also the most densely carved decorations made of wood. Throughout bedrooms and living areas, with appearances of mahogany.


Ecological Design

A house that is built based on ecological trends. Therefore, particleboards made of wood shavings and resin glued wood chips are used here instead of ordinary wood and have a beautiful effect. This home would have consideration towards the environment and preserving the earth’s natural resources. 


Classic Wooden Furnishings

Wooden pieces are said to be an investment as they tend to hold their value. Mahogany wood especially, does not depreciate, and often is sold for more than what it was originally purchased for. Maintained with wooden furniture varnish will mean the classic wooden furnishings are kept youthful and in great condition.


Three-dimensional Panel

A three-dimensional panel is made out of several cubes and cut with a saw. These are mostly handmade works of art where no machinery has been used in production. 


A Sliding Door Made Of Timber

Give your interiors a classic look by adding a timber sliding door. These sliding doors are one of the easiest partitions you can have in the house and can be made with any type of timber. However, it is not easy to make from wooden boards. Inspired by the restrained interior of 1950s style, this timber furnishing is particularly sophisticated and classic.