Your kitchen is the most occupied room in a home and where most of the family bonding takes place. Therefore, your kitchen needs to function well, and it also needs to look good, so your family and guests can feel good. So, here are some kitchen design tips for you to keep in mind:

The layout

Whether you are building a new kitchen or renovating an old one, then you need to consider the design. Your design needs to be practical, have a beautiful view of the outside, and is set up well for interacting and entertaining. The old way of doing this was by using a triangle. The prep and sink in one spot the over in the next and the fridge in the third space. The modern kitchens now use zoned areas like prep zone, cooking zone, storing zone and the cleaning area. You can use ideas of both or use one layout or the other.

Your style

It is up to you to decide on the style of your kitchen, and it can be anything from modern to a beach style. But, in order to choose, you need to take into account the current style of the home. You can’t put a modern kitchen in an old-fashioned cottage or a country, farmhouse kitchen into a city apartment.

Colours and materials

The cabinetry

You can use a vinyl flooring, timber and laminate. Your choices need to suit circumstances like what is better to have with children and pets. The trend for the vinyl is growing, and they are now seen in many different styles and profiles.


Ensure your handles match the style of the kitchen and home. There are knobs, pull handles, chrome, gloss, satin chrome, coloured and nickel. There are so many shapes, finishes, styles and colours available. There are even handle that gives the appearance of no door handle being there at all.


The most common choices are glass or tile. Tiles are convenient and have many different colours, styles and sizes for you to choose from. If you have a plain cupboard, then consider a small sized tile. If you have a lot going on in the cabinetry and kitchen area, then think about going for a more simple splash back to create some balance.

Glass splashbacks only really work with the modern homes, and it is essential to note that the colour is on the back face, so the splashes of food and oil are not seen on the splashback but rather the shadow of the splashback.

The bench-tops

Stone is a good option, and they come in many different styles. You can go with flecks or just a plain coloured bench or ones that have a vein running through them. There are plenty of neutrals that can work here. Laminate is cheap, but it also doesn’t wear well very well.

Wooden benches are another option if you like the warmth that timber can bring. You can also add it to shelving or other accents too. Wooden benches are a classic alternative if you want to keep things traditional and straightforward.

There are so many ways that you can create a dream kitchen. All you need to do is follow a few tips to get everything to work within each other to give the best look for your home.

Before you start deciding to build your dream kitchen, you need to decide what style you are going with to know where to start. Then work with different colours an textures to see what colouring you want on the walls, cabinets, benches and the splashbacks. If you need some extra help contact an interior stylist. They will help you tackle your worries and make things a lot easier for you.