You most likely already know what networking is and you know they are great for businesses to host but do you know the best way to host one?

Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you host the best networking event

Determining the theme

Birthdays are not the only events that you can have a fun theme for. You can have a theme for your networking event in a formal venue as it can be used as a creative tactic that will help to bring guests to your soiree. It can be a theme that is all about business owners or perhaps a mix of women in business. When you have a theme, it can help you target the right audience when you are ready to get your word out. When you have a specific audience in mind you can end up being more strategic about certain things like targeted paid ads and social media posts. You can tag a few local organisations that are under the same umbrella or happen to post in the forums.

Get the Word Out

It doesn’t matter how much you go ahead and get prepared for a networking event it will most likely end up feeling like a waste if you don’t have anyone showing up. The way to ensure that you get people to show up is to promote but not just promote anywhere it needs to be in the right places. Being a business owner, you will most likely be familiar with marketing. You can consider asking guests to register ahead of time so people will be more likely to turn up rather than if you just had it open to the general public. Putting up fliers and social media posts work well to promote.

Discussion meeting

Food and drinks and covering the bases

The food and drink offerings can either make or break your event. One thing people will remember about your event was whether the food and drinks were any good and if you ended up running out before the event really got worked up. If you don’t have an on-site kitchen or ways that you can be washing the dishes, then you need to be involved with a catering company or a hired corporate venue. While not everyone who you invited or who has returned their RSVPs will turn up the fact is you need to be ready if they do.

Following Up

So, you have put in all the hard work organising and hosting the event now you have one thing left on your list which is to remind people about your business. Follow up with people who came. Ask people what they thought about the party, would they be happy to supply you with feedback? If you are sending out emails or letters, ensure you add a business card or your business contact details shall they wish to take up your services or your products.

Don’t forget to mingle with people. Get yourself out there talk and get to know people talk about your services or the products you have and get the potential buyers familiar with your goods.

Networking events are a good way to bring all the people together so they can connect with others in their local areas. Having these tips in the back of your mind means you are set to host your next event successfully.